Aviram Arabic Strings

Aviram Arabic Strings v1.5

Aviram Arabic Strings

Sound from a great Tool with Different Instruments include: 

Classical Violin, Baroque Violin ,Baroque Stringed ,Bass violin ,
Cello Rock, Stroh Violin, Modern Violin, String instruments, Electric Violin, Fiddle, Yamaha Korg .

Note for Update to last version: for all the exist customers that purchased the V2, when V5 goes out - i will charge a nominal/fixed fee of 50$ more.

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Manual also in KVR - official developer forum (synced) - https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=281&t=478885

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Note for new customer about V5 future version: when V5 goes out if you buy the V5 straight, there will be no offer/discount over a period of time, it will return to the original price and even slightly more, so better to buy the V2 before.